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Second COVID-19 Death Confirmed in Gaines County

Sunday, August 2, 2020
Second COVID-19 Death Confirmed in Gaines County

On Thursday, July 30, the South Plains Public Health District confirmed the second death of a Gaines County resident related to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. As of press time on Friday, there have been 119 total cases of the virus locally. Five new cases were confirmed Thursday evening. Currently, 57 cases are still active in the county, with 60 individuals recovered and two fatalities confirmed.

In the press release report concerning the second death in Gaines County, South Plains Public Health District (SPPHD) Executive Director Zack Holbrooks wrote: “The South Plains Public Health District is investigating this case and following close contacts. The SPPHD will continue monitoring current cases in Gaines and individuals who have been identified as close contacts of those cases, as indicated by the CDC. As the spread of COVID-19 continues, the number of individuals monitored by the Health District will increase.”

Seminole Mayor John Belcher posted a message to local residents on social media this week, reminding individuals to continue following CDC guidelines and to “realize there is a virus out there. I ask all of you to be careful. Bear with us as we go through his. I think things could get worse before they get better.” Speaking frankly to Seminole citizens, the mayor asked for patience and consideration with the mask/ face covering issue.

“If you see someone out and about wearing a mask, that’s their choice, and that’s amazing,” Mayor Belcher said, adding that if someone selects not to wear a face covering, that too is their option. He reminded everyone that, according to the recent mandate by Governor Abbott, if social distancing cannot be maintained a mask is required.

Several smaller businesses in Seminole require all their customers to wear masks inside stores, and many large chains have followed suit. A visit to Wal-Mart in Seminole on Friday found an employee at the entrance handing masks to customers who did not have one. If anyone refuses the cover, their temperature is taken, the employee explained. Anyone with a fever is not allowed into the store. She added that, unfortunately, many customers accept the complementary mask, put it on, and then remove it once they are in the building.