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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Seminole EMS is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all patients and employees are protected from COVID-19. Each health care provider will be screened daily prior to being allowed to respond for duty.

Be aware that we will be wearing masks routinely during calls to help protect you as well as ourselves. When responding to a scene, one health care provider will make entrance into the incident location and perform the initial assessment. The other provider will remain outside until the initial screening process has been completed.

EMS Providers do not provide testing for COVID-19. Local health department officials have to be consulted for approval of the testing process.

We will not allow any family members to ride with the patient to the hospital. Be aware that all hospitals have visitor restrictions as well as a screening process that must be completed at the visitor entrance.

When calling 911, please tell the dispatcher your symptoms and any known exposures so we can take the necessary precautions prior to making entrance into your residence. We are prepared to help, we just need to make sure all precautions are taken to limit exposure to our staff.

It is our mission to continue to provide high quality care to all citizens and visitors of our county regardless of the nature of the call. One unknown exposure, could result in our entire department being quarantined.

Take care of each other. Make sure that your elderly and immunocompromised family members are isolating themselves. Do not visit grandparents, utilize other resources for visiting. Follow all precautions set by the CDC and health department. And if in doubt...wash your hands!


Carly French

EMS Director