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Community Set to Receive COVID Vaccine Through CVS

Sunday, January 3, 2021
Community Set to Receive COVID Vaccine Through CVS

Seminole Memorial hospital CEO Larry Gray said they completed vaccinating the Seminole Hospital District staff on Thursday, Dec. 31. The COVID-19 vaccines' distribution came directly from the state to hospitals, medical centers, and provider offices.

"The process has gone smoothly, and we appreciate everyone's cooperation and support. We will get our staff scheduled for the follow-up dose, which is recommended at 28 days after the first dose for the Moderna vaccine," Gray said.

The CEO explained that they would support the city and county first responders and others listed in Priority 1A if they have any remaining doses in keeping with Texas guidelines. After all Priority 1A individuals have been vaccinated, they may be able to support a minimal number of eligible individuals in the 1B category.

Priority 1A individuals include those working in hospital care, long-term care, EMS 9-1-1, home health, outpatient, ER/ urgent care, pharmacies, last responders, school nurses, and residents of long-term care facilities. In group 1B are persons 65+ or 16+ with at least one chronic medical condition, including pregnancy.

"The Seminole community will receive their COVID vaccine through CVS pharmacy and will be notified when the vaccine is available. We sincerely hope this is very soon. We encourage everyone to get their immunization as soon as possible when it becomes available," said Gray.