The Seminole Maiden varsity volleyball team traveled to Wink on Tuesday night and came away with a sound victory.  

The Varsity Maidens won 25-15, 25-12, 25-12 to move their record for the year to 16 wins and only two losses which were suffered last weekend in Grandbury where Seminole faced much larger schools and still came away with five out of seven wins.

Coach Horton said she was pleased with the way the girls responded after the two losses.  "The girls came back with power and as a unit.  They were flowing together as a team."

The coach was hesitant to single out individuals because the key to their success is the team as a unit, but from the statistics we can see some girls who had outstanding games in Wink.  Kendall Freeman, Susan Reimer, and Lexee Shain all had outstanding games. 

Kendall Freeman led the way for the Maidens with 5 serves, 2 solo blks, 1 blk asst, 23 digs and 16 kills;

Julie Nave had 4 serves, 15 digs and 8 kills;

Lindsey Wimmer had 9 serves and 15 digs;

Susan Reimer had 2 solo blks, 6 digs and 21 kill;

Alyssa Carnes had 1 asst, 1 solo blk, 4 blks and 2 kills;

Eva Reimer had 5 digs;

Melanie Sendejo had 1 asst, 4 blk assts, 2 digs, 2 kills;

Jodie Vaughn 5 assts and 1 dig;

Amanda Peters 3 solo blks, 1 blk asst, and 3 kills;

Lexee Shain with 19 serves, 7 aces, 20 assts and 4 digs; and

Kelea Pool, 3 serves, 1 ace and 2 digs.