Back in 1958 Johnny Horton came out with a song which featured words sounding like they came from the mouth of a little girl.  They were words no daddy wants to hear from his little girl.  This little girl was saying, "Hey daddy, hey daddy, I'm all grown up!"

Even though every daddy worth his salt knows his job is to see to it his kids, boys or girls alike do, in fact, grow up.  He wants them to grow up to become productive men and women and take their place as leaders in our society.  He wants them to contribute to the good of our world.--- But not yet!

   It is a problem for a daddy to know at what point their little girl is  no longer a little girl, but is, "all grown up."  When she quits being a kid and becomes a young lady.

The fellow we are featuring in this article was one of those guys who struggled with this concept. He loved and adored his kids, but knew little about raising them, especially his girls, so he, (probably wisely), left most of their raising up to his wife.  He was busy with his profession and with the affairs of every day life, and hardly notice his little girl was not little anymore.

The reality struck home like a thunderbolt, as reality has a way of doing.  This happened when he took his family to the city for a basketball tournament on a Friday night.  There were people from all the small towns around as well as from the city.  His team won the Friday night game and would play again on Saturday so this family got a room in a big motel for the night. 

They had gone into the dining room for supper and it was packed with people.  The dad was looking around for people he might know but it was so crowded it was hard to pick out individuals.  This fact  made what happened next more shocking to him.  

A waitress approached their table and handed a note to his young teenage daughter, and then pointed across the crowded room where a teenage boy, they had never seen before, raised his hand and waved.

When his daughter read the note she both beamed and blushed at the same time.  Daddy wanted to see the note which she handed to him.  It read something like this, "You look so pretty, you look so sweet, you look like someone I'd like to meet." It was signed by a boy who none of them knew.

This boy had looked all the way across the dining room full of people and, passing over dozens of pretty teenage girls had selected this man's daughter.  Since he didn't know her he must have thought she was the most attractive girl there. 

Okay, what happened here?  A little girl had suddenly blossomed into an attractive young lady.  Her daddy wasn't ready for this.  He knew his little girl was pretty, but to him pretty meant "cute."  Now he had to face the fact she was attractive to boys.  He was not prepared to accept this.

He recoiled at the word "attractive."  His wife had always seen to it their daughter dressed nicely but modestly in public.  He even bragged to his close relatives about how pretty his daughter was.  But he wasn't thinking about gorgeous or beautiful, in the eyes of some strange boy.    

Daddy had never before seen his daughter in this light.  He was so struck by the boy's straight forwardness he even allowed this boy to buy her a coke and sit and talk away from either family.  He just said, "Okay     Who can explain such a thing?

This was the first and the last time these two young people ever saw each other, but her daddy had to face an unwanted truth.  His little girl wasn't a baby anymore.  

As if to underscore this fact, on another occasion not long afterwards, the family had gone to a swimming hole in a national park in another state where there were several teenagers, both boys and girls diving and swimming and playing in the crystal clear creek water it happened again.  

Without any flirting on the part of the girl, a boy focused on this man's daughter, came over and introduced himself and these two total strangers spent the rest of the day together playing in the water laughing and talking. At the end of the day she told him, "Goodbye, have a nice life.," and they parted ways never to meet again.

It was becoming increasingly clear to this daddy his little girl was growing up and boys were noticing it.  But he still wasn't prepared for what happened next.

A couple of years later while this girl was still in high school she went to a youth rally in Houston.  A  guy looked across a room filled with about a thousand people, mostly teenagers, and fixed his gaze on this man's daughter.  They spent the day together talking, skating and generally having good clean Christian fun,  but before the day was over they began discussing marriage.  The boy  asked her to marry him and she said "yes."  This was on the first day they had met.  

I understand they have now been married for 31 years so I guess it worked out okay.

Rewind to the beginning of this story.  When does a little girl become a young lady?  You daddies out there be careful, one of these days your little one  may come up to you saying, "Hey daddy, hey daddy, I'm all grown up."  And it really may be true!