Marriage License

Maksym Sladkovskyi, 23 of Hobbs, NM and Jennifer D. Esparza, 21 of Hobbs, NM.

Gaines Co. Court Filings

State of Texas vs. John Peters Buhler, driving while intoxicated, second offense.

State of Texas vs. Ramon Juarez, traffic.

State of Texas vs. Domoni Quiroz, possession of marijuana.

State of Texas vs. Johan Thiessen Loewen, driving while intoxicated.

State of Texas vs. Santiago Alberto Williams, possession of a controlled substance.

State of Texas vs. Eddie Bergen, traffic.

State of Texas vs. Ethan Edward Williams, possession of a controlled substance.

State of Texas vs. Adrian Cortez Gomez, assault causing bodily injury.

State of Texas vs. Adrian Cortez Gomez, criminal trespass.

Gaines Co. Dispositions

State of Texas vs. Ricardo Dominguez, traffic appeal, order to dismiss, defendant successfully completed pre-trial diversion.

State of Texas vs. Gaspar Carranza Fraire, traffic appeal, order to dismiss.

Warranty Deeds

Angie Gonzales to Guillermo Giner, N.60’ off of Lt 11 and N.60’ off of Lt 12 in Blk 27 O/T Seagraves.

Justin Long to Cody D. Jordan, Lt 17 of West RAcka Two Sub.

Toni Patterson Nolen to Scott A. Nolen and Wende D. Nolen, Trk 1 14.13 ac Trk in NE/part of SC 227 Blk G WTRR; Trk 2 6.94 ac Trk out of N/part of E/2 of SC 227 Blk G WTRR.

Toni Patterson Nolen and Hylton Nolen to Scott A. Nolen and Wende D. Nolen, Trk 1 267.18 ac Trk in S/Part of W/2 of SC 227 Blk G WTRR; Trk 2 281.88 ac Trk in E/2 of SC 227 Blk G WTRR.

Twin Forks LLC, Peter Wiebe and Annie Wiebe to Stevans Real Estate LLC, Lt 8 Blk 11 Western Hills Install No. 9.

Sharron Ladell Simpson and Sharron Ladell Haller to Kristian Nichole Boner, N.55’ of Lt 9 Blk 9 Sunset Acres Seminole.

Sonja Hearne Schaefer to Thomas Durham and Cindy Durham, 80.14 AC Trk out of NE/4 of SC 7 Blk C-33 PSL. See Vol. 234 Page 552 Deed Records; 16.6 AC Trk out of NE/4 of SC 7 Blk C-33 PSL. See Vol. 552 Page 374 Deed Records.

Tina Knelsen to Johan Fehr and Melissa Fehr, Lt 38 Western Classic Estates Sub.

Bob Winfrey, Bobby A. Winfrey, Kim Winfrey and Kimberley N. Winfrey to Paul C. Ogden and Sharla M. Ogden, Lt 32 Oakridge Add.

Raymond R. Woodard and Mary E. Woodard to South Seminole Baptist Church, Lt 3 and S.6’ of Lt 4 Blk 67 O/T Seminole.

Jerry Castro and Rosa Castro to Maribel Lopez and Sergio Perez, 1 1/2 ACS NE/Corner Sec. 109 Blk H D&W RR.

Abe F. Neufeld, Peter Neufeld, Maria Neufeld and Pedro Neufeld to Javier Salazar, Lt 28 Heritage Land Estates.

Heinrich Thiessen Fehr, Henry T. Fehr, Betty Fehr, Guillermo Friesen Loewen, Eva Loewen and Willie Loewen to Peter Wall and Annie Wall, Lt 6 Copeland Estates Sub.

Donald Joe Worth and Jackie Lynn Worth to Jacob Fehr, Lots 1 and 2 Blk 32 Russell Addition to the Town of Seminole.

Ricky Baccus and Randall Baccus to Natividad R. Garcia and Liz Johanna Garcia, Lot 21 Blk 2 Lamar Heights Addition Seminole.

Kennith W. Harris and Nelda S, Harris to Clayton Harris, Lot 30 Industry Plaza A Subd. N/2 Sec 188 Blk G WTRR.

Janet B. Rogers, Lewis J. Byers, Maryon C. Byers and Janet L. Rogers to Janet B. Rogers and Sandra K. Hamilton, special warranty deed E/2 Sec. 395, Secs. 396, 360 Blk G CCSD & RGNG.

Alfredo Aguirre and Rocio Aguirre to Marcial Rosas and Tiara Rosas, 3.00 Acres out of NW/ Corner of Trk 49 Pioneer Subd.

Jacob Fehr to Dee Wickson, 24.25 AC in N/2 of SC 303 Blk G CCSD&RGNG RR.

Cornelius Fehr to Dee Wickson, 24.43 AC in N/2 of SC 393 Blk G CCSD&RGNG RR.

Guillermo Giner and Yezeica Giner to Loepoldo Aguado Rosas and Maria Isidra Rosas, N/60’ Lt 11 and N/60’ Lt 12 Blk 27 Original Town Seagraves.

Christopher Todd Warren, Kelsey Warren and Sherrie Warren to Melven Lobstein and Joan Lobstein Lt 2 Blk 6 Malone Addition, Seminole.

Wells Fargo Bank NA and Michael Burns to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, special warranty deed Lt 47 Blk $ Belcher Add. No. 2 Town of Seagraves.

Trey Duncan and Jinnifer Duncan to Bobby Winfrey and Kimberely Winfrey, Lt 4 Ranchland Estates Subd.

Joe Kelly Snell, Patricia Ann Shillington, Willie Mae Snell, Virginia F. Snell and John Alan Shillington to Adam Woodard, 53.24 AC Tract in E/Part and 59.91 AC Tract in W/Part. Both Tracts in SE/4 Sec. 21 Blk A-27 PSL.

Jay Darryl Stewart and Lois Wynne Stewart to Trey Duncan and Jinnifer Duncan, Lt 9 South Park Subd.

Jay Darryl Stewart and Lois Wynne Stewart to Trey Duncan and Jinnifer Duncan, Lt 8 South Park Subd.

Joe K. McGill and Sandra D. McGill to Henry S. Martens and Susana Martens, E/2 Sec. 8 Blk A-21 PSL, 1.00 AC Tract in SE/Part of Sec 3 Blk A-21 PSL, part of a 20 AC Tract in Sec 3 Blk A-21 PSL.

Western Wagon, Inc. to Teague Elias, W/1AC of 1,23 AC tract in 1.23AC Tract and 0.77 AC Tract in N/Part of Sec. 191 Blk G WTRR.

Twin Forks LLC to Pedro Letkeman and Sonia Letkeman, A 29.06 Ac Trk Sec 3 Blk A-21 PSL and the B-J Anderson Pre-emption Survey Gaines County.

Willie Loewen, Guillermo Friesen Loewen, Eva Loewen, Heinrich Thiessen Fehr, Henry Fehr and Betty Fehr to Jacob W. Unger and Susanna Unger, Lt 53 Copeland Estates.

QuitClaim Deed

Harriet A. Reed to Lynn W. Reed, Bruce P. Reed and Ned F. Reed, Sec. 18 Blk A-22 PSL.

State Tax Lien

State of Texas to John F. Neufeld.

Mineral Deed

Emory A. Cantey to Emory A. Cantey, BAC Trust and E A C Trust, Sec 190 Blk G WTRR Trk 77 Seminole SA Unit Gaines County.

Albert Leroy Hanson to AM3HR Ventures FLP, quit claim mineral deed  Sec 1 Blk A-30 PSL.

Passport Energy Inc. and powell Exploration Company to Advance Oil and Gas Company, mineral deed, assignment and bill of sale E/2 Blk 5 Leag 299 Terry CSL 246 Acs Vol. 104 Pg. 533 OGL records and Instr. 2006-4448 Gaines County Advance Oil and Gas Co.

Donald K. Hendrickson, Donald Kay Hendrickson and Barbara K. Hendrickson to Donald K. Hendrickson, Donald Kay Hendrickson and Barbara K. Henderickson, Trks and Secs. in Blks A-23, A-21, A-22, A-19, AX all PSL; Blk H D&W RR; Blk G CCSD & RGNG.

Abstract of Judgment

Paul Zuber to Tony Rattei, c/c judgment.

Attorney General and Fidencio Longoria to Anna Bell Logoria, notice of termination of assignment and child support service.

Mesa Well Servicing LP to John M. Clark, Inc., affidavit Trks in SC 76 Blk G WTRR Abstract 1628.