The Commissioners of Gaines County, along with Auditor Rick Dollahan and Judge Lance Celander, held a Special Court meeting, on Monday, July 7, at 10:00 a.m. In the Commissioner's Courtroom, inside the Gaines County Courthouse.

First on the agenda, was the approval of an issue, decided on, in the recent Budget Workshop.  The Seminole Senior Citizens are in need of a new van, and one has been located.  The Commissioners moved on a 2014 Dodge Caravan, from Odessa, with rear heating and air conditioning, as well as stow-away seats, so the can be used for transportation, as well as shopping.  The old van will be declared as surplus, and sold at auction.

Capitol Projects Fund was up next, seeking funding for repairs to Gaines County Golf Course, and the County Park.  The Golf Course is in need of a metal lean-to, to shelter equipment used to maintain the course.  A quote from Fehr's Metal was accepted for work, including revamping the gazebo, a permanent porch, the walk-across bridge and a fence/barrier. A bid from Klassen Construction was also accepted, to improve the concrete walk and cart path.  These were accepted by a motion from Commissioner Belt, and seconded by Commissioner Yokom.

Sub-division Regulation exceptions were heard from Commissioner Tharp, regarding properties in the La Tierre sub-division.  The requests were granted with a motion from Tharp, and a second by Commissioner Houston.

The new jail was the focus of the second half of the meeting, hearing from Architects, engineers and project planners. Sedalco Construction Services presented a detailed proposed budget, with specific line-items and contingency allowances for changes that could occur, during construction.

Some alternate plans and ideas were discussed among the members of the group, and in the end settled on a G.M.P. or Guaranteed Maximum Price.  This amount of over $8 million was accepted by the Commissioners. 

The Court decided against a basement, eliminating the need for an elevator.  

Parking is an issue at the current Law Enforcement Center, and it was discussed, in detail, to eliminate any problems at the new facility. 

To begin this project, some final paperwork must be done as well as permits obtained.  The Commissioners unanimously initiated the 'Notice to Proceed' and it is expected that action will be taken no later than July 20.  Once this happens, the construction is bound to have the project completed in 365 days. 

This facility will house up to 96 inmates, eliminating any fees that Gaines County now pays to other counties, for housing over-flow.

In-turn, Gaines will then also be able to house inmates, for other counties, for a charge.

The new Jail will also allow the Jail officers and Communication Officers to have separate work spaces, and be better equipped to do the assigned job, efficiently and safely.  

The Commissioners will meet again on Monday, July 14, for their regular meeting.