The County Commissioners, along with Auditor Rick Dollahan and Judge Lance Celander, met Monday morning June 23, at 10:00 a.m. in the Commissioner's Courtroom, in the Gaines County Courthouse. 

Routine business was quickly handled, and accepted with a motion by Commissioner Craig Belt, and a second by Danny Yokom.

An agenda item, on tournament requests was tabled, per-request of the Golf Pro, Shaun McDonald.

The RFP for Project Delivery Services for the Transportation Infrastructure Fund Program Project bid was awarded to Grant Works, for a total of $154,678.00, Gaines County will be responsible for 20%, or $30,953.00. 

The Road Design Criteria and Specifications for the TIF program, was also discussed, and Commissioner Danny Yokom will make adjustments, as needed.

Precinct 4 requested permission to accept bids, for a new haul truck.  A 1992 truck has been converted to a water truck, and Commissioner Biz Houston has a 1989 truck, available for trade-in. The Court ruled to seek bids, for this purpose.

Two private citizens of Gaines County sought permission to buy/sell an airport hanger.  With a motion by Commissioner Blair Tharp, and a second by Commissioner Belt, the exchange was approved. 

The Commissioners always consider surplus equipment, and the best action to take.  This week, the only equipment in question was a recently replaced roller and mower, for the use at the Golf Course. These items, will be traded in, to the company where the new equipment was purchased.

Commissioner Tharp is working with TxDOT, on an Inter-local agreement, to repair the South Bound lanes of Main Street, in front of Loewen Farm and Lumber Supply Store.  This project is planned for Wednesday, June 25. The Court voted unanimously, to support this project.

There were no subdivision applications, so the Commissioners went on to Road Crossing Requests.

Commissioner Houston had two, for Mr. Jimmy Hart on Ave M and Ave L, for sewage at the new truck stop location.  Commissioner Belt had Kinder Morgan request to extend a CO2 pipe under CR 208, CR 225 and the intersection of CR 219 and 1757, that will also need to be cleared with TxDOT. 

After a brief recess, the meeting reconvened, to continue work on the Budget Workshop. 

Susan Shaw addressed the Court, requesting an additional deputy, for her office, to help both the Seminole and Seagraves offices operate, more efficiently.  This matter was tabled until some investigation can be done, on the total cost of this proposal.

Some other information has been gathered on previously discussed items, and some require more.  

The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama-care), has complicated the County's decisions for keeping part-time employees, or making them full-time.  

New equipment and employees top the request list for most departments.  The Commissioner's are careful to make the decisions that work best for the county as a whole, and make best use of the budget.

The final item handled for the day, was a Special Session, to address the issue of the County pay-day, falling on July 4th, when all banks will be closed for the National Holiday.  The Commissioners voted unanimously to move the payday, to July 3, assuring that all county employees, can enjoy the holiday, with their families.