An Amber Alert issued by the Oklahoma Department of Public safety Thursday afternoon began a hunt across Texas, Oklahoma and Utah for a five-month old infant reportedly kidnapped in Kingfisher County, Okla. The search came to an end early Friday morning when Seminole Police officers stopped a suspicious vehicle and found the infant to be safe.

    Chief Bernie Kraft of the Seminole Police Department issued the following press release Friday morning.

    "On July 17, 2014 at approximately 1600 hours, the Seminole Police Department was advised by the former step-mother about an Amber Alert issued out of Oklahoma for a five month old infant. The former step-mother stated she had paperwork showing that she was granted power of attorney and temporary custody for the infant granted by the mother of the infant. The mother of the infant is currently incarcerated in Parker County, Texas. The infant was being transported from Oklahoma to Seminole by other relatives of the infant.
     " I had the former step-mother come to the Police Department and provide me copies of the paperwork. The paperwork showed that the former step-mother was granted power of attorney and custody of the infant by the incarcerated mother. The step-mother informed me that the listed suspects in the Amber Alert, Cindy Findley and Jennifer Skousen are related to the parties involved and also had copies of the paperwork along with a signed note by the former step-mother for them to have permission to transport the infant from Oklahoma to Texas.

    "All this information was sent by fax and email directly to Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office in Oklahoma.

    "I made contact with Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office to inquire where they were on the investigation and they advised they were working it as a kidnapping. I informed them of the information I had received and advised them of the paperwork. I informed them we would be waiting to see if and when the infant arrived in Seminole and that I would contact them with any and all information we would obtain.

    "I then spoke to the FBI out of Oklahoma City. I informed them of the information I had at the time and he too had already spoken with the former step-mother and received copies of the paperwork and verified by contacting the infants mother that she had signed and had the documents notarized to have the former step-mother have power of attorney and custody of the infant.

    "The Officers of the Seminole Police Department were advised of the situation and plans were made to watch the residence of the former step-mother to ensure the arrival and safety of the infant.

    " On 7-18-2014, at approximately 0125 hours, Officers made a stop on a vehicle that was circling the area. The vehicle, which was not one of the listed vehicles on the Amber Alert, was driven by Cindy Findley. The infant and Jennifer Skousen were also in the vehicle. We explained what was being alleged in Oklahoma. They did have in their possession the paperwork that was sent as well. Cindy and Jennifer both stated that they did not kidnap the infant. They did confront the grandmother and informed her of the paperwork and the desires of the incarcerated mother to have the infant taken care of by the former step-mother.

    "We escorted the vehicle to the former step-mother's residence. There we gathered more information and I contacted the Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office and informed them the infant was located and was in very good condition and would be left in the custody of the former step mother. Cindy and Jennifer both stated they would be willing to answer any of our questions and will be staying here until the matter is cleared up.

    "I asked if any warrants were currently issued through their office in which they stated not at this time and that they would continue their investigation at their end.

    "I also made contact with the FBI and relayed all available information to this point.

    "Texas Child Protective Services have been advised of the situation and will be talking with the family and monitoring the situation.

    "My top priority is that the child is safe." Chief Bernie Kraft

    "Any questions on the beginning of this investigation should be directed to the lead agency: Kingfisher County Sheriff's Office, Oklahoma."