AUSTIN -- When compared with the rest of the nation, Texas is one of the most dangerous places to live.

A ranking of the "safest states" by WalletHub has Texas ranked 47th, using measures such as home and community stability and workplace and driving safety. Also taken into account was financial safety, which chief executive Odysseas Papadimitriou said has become increasingly important in recent years.

"If you do not have any savings," he said, "then you are just one emergency away from starting to default, getting late fees, interest rates skyrocketing, and getting into a vicious cycle of financial destruction."

Another category examined was emergency preparedness, where the report showed that Texas has some of the nation's highest estimated property losses from natural disasters. Papadimitriou said that's a growing concern across the country.

"It's interesting," he said. "In some places you see, on a regular basis, a tornado passing through and just leveling homes in that area. and it's not something that happens once, every seven to 10 years. It's almost on an annual basis."

Papadimitriou said the safest state in which to live is Massachusetts, and at the bottom of the rankings is Nevada.

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