Recently, several students and leaders from the First Baptist Church of Seminole, participate in Community Rehab in Comanche County. 

Community Rehab Project 2014 was held during the week of June 8-13.  Volunteers ranging in age from 13 to 85 completed renovations including painting, roofing, siding, wheelchair ramps, and windows on 18 homes during the week.  100+ more volunteers worked in food preparation, delivery, and other needed positions.  Volunteers came from Comanche County, Meeker, Oklahoma, St Louis, Missouri, and Texas locations as far away as Meridian, Midland, Odessa, Plano, Plum Grove, Seminole, and Springtown. 

Dedicated Workers and cool, cloudy weather, led to all 18 projects being completed, with only one small exception. 

Ten homes in Comanche, seven in De Leon, and one in Downing made this a county wide project. 

The materials used in the projects came from private donations, and the registration fees were paid by the volunteers.  That's correct, the volunteers paid to work.

Worship time was provided by the Justin Moore Band and Aaron Austin, every evening.  

Community Rehab Project began 15 years ago, as work on a single home.  CRP now has over 3,600 volunteers and has renovated more than 227 homes.  

Before and after pictures of the homes are powerful, but even bigger improvements happen in the volunteers. 

Planning will begin soon on the 2015 Community Rehab Project, that project is scheduled for June 14 -19.  Make plans now to be a part of it.