Gaines County Library is excited to share a new quiz from the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project that will help us learn about the role Gaines County Library (GCL) plays in our community.

The unique version of this library user quiz will let us gather data specifically about our community. The results will help us learn how people use our local public library, how they think about their library’s impact on the community and what their views are on the importance of libraries in the digital age. Any information collected in the quiz will be anonymous and not personally identifiable.

To start, take the “What type of library user are you?” quiz on the Gaines County Library’s website:  GCL’s Facebook page also offers the link; just enter 18b6159 for the group ID.

Are you a “Library Lover”? Or are you totally “Off the Grid?” See how your own library habits stack up against the rest of our community — and the U.S. as a whole!

We are using this quiz and group ID to gather data specifically about our community. If you would like to share the quiz with friends outside of the community, they can take the general quiz at