People are inclined to laugh at Joe, a moody young Italian with "cockeyed" notions. At heart a musician—he has a real talent for the violin—he longs to be "top man" in some other field. So he goes into the prizefighting racket and becomes surprisingly good at it. In each fight he becomes more and more brutish, turning away from his family and his love of music until finally a fight that alters everyone's life. 

More than 220 3-AAA schools entered the one act competition in January. Seminole advancing to region has put them in the top 24 in the state. The top two schools from each region will move on to the State Competition. Seminole performs on Wednesday, April 30th at 2:15 at the City Bank Auditorium in Lubbock, TX. The competition starts at 10:00 am and admission is $10.00 and that is good for all shows. Seminole will be performing the show publicly at 8:00 on Monday night , April 28, 2014, in the performing arts center at the high school. 

Jadon Hatley- Joe “Golden Boy” Bonaparte

Blayne Childers- Tom Moody

Madison Burtch- Lorna

Colton Wheeler- Bonaparte

Kyle Rickman- Roxie

Shawn Barndollar- Tokio

John Paul Sales- Frank Bonaparte

Kelby Miller- Siggie Bonaparte/ Boxer

Derek Cox- Driscoll/ Lewis (reporter)

Payton Schraider- Boxer

Andrew Alvidrez- Boxer "Chocolate Drop"

Dawson Smith- Reporter/ Security

Hayden Waller- Boxer

Daniel Griffin- Drake/ Reporter/ Security

Morgan Davidson- Reporter/ Manager

Reporter- Bailey Hughes

Alexis Hastings- Stage Manager

Kendyl Waller- Assistant Stage Manager

Erynn James- Assistant Stage Manager

Haylie Hicks- Sound Technician

Sarah Shirley- Lighting Technician

Makeup and Hair:

Nikki Loewen

Grace Hatley

Sadie Wheeler

Lindsey Wimmer

Abby Navarro

District Awards:

Jadon Hatley -Best Actor

Madison Burtch- Best Actress

Blayne Childers- All-Star Cast

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast- Shawn Barndollar

Best Technical Crew- Haylie Hicks, Sarah Shirley, Alexis Hastings, Erynn James, Kendyl Waller

Area Awards:

Jadon Hatley - Best Actor

Madison Burtch - Best Actress

Shawn Barndollar, Kyle Rickman, and Blayne Childers- All-Star Cast

John Paul Sales and Colton Wheeler- Honorable Mention All-Star Cast

Alexis Hastings- Technician Award