A good rain has to be in the headlines these dry days of 2014. After a three year span of time with little moisture falling from the heavens the last few weeks have offered the needed rainfall.

The Texas Drought Report for the week of 6/16 also contained some information which became news as Gaines County was taken off of the severe category and moved into a more tolerable moderate status.

The sites opening paragraph states,"Continuing rains continue to bring continuing improvements for much of the state, particularly in the High Plains. And for the first time since May." According to the writer things are continuing to improve.

2011, Lake Meredith in the Panhandle has water in its conservation pool and is now 0.1 percent full!

Nevertheless, 70 percent of the state remains in drought, and many reservoirs continue to be far below normal.

Drought statistics

• 69% of state currently in moderate to

exceptional drought

• 68% a week ago

• 63% three months ago

• 84% a year ago

Gaines County has seen rain on several   weekends where showers fell across dry lands. 

On the local scene rains fell again this past weekend with the heaviest showers taking place last Friday night.

Many locations across the County experienced significant amounts. Weather systems aren't always friendly towards the farming community. This weekend saw some high winds accompany the showers and some damage occurred in a few areas of the county.

Five Points Gin reported one inch of rain, but an employee also said in a telephone conversation with the Sentinel Tuesday morning, that some damage had occurred due to high winds on Sunday night. "The wind blew down the rows and burned the baby cotton. Farmers in that area were waiting to see the extent of the damage with hope that it will survive. If not they will have to replant."

The spokesperson at the Oasis Gin reported minimum rainfall and noreal damage from the wind.

Ocho Gin representatives reported a little hail and said that the wind had burned up some cotton. The folks at Ocho said they recieved .3 of an inch at the gins and .25 of an inch in town.

Seminole Service Gin reported .3 of an inch with no hail or wind damage.

Ten High representatives measured one inch and had no wind or hail damage.

The drought report contained another significant piece of information in a predcition coming down the road concerning moisture possibilities. El Nino:The National Weather Service now predicts a 70 percent chance of  El Nino conditions arriving this summer and 80 percent chance for this fall and winter.

Whatever the easing of the drought to date is an answer to many prayers across Texas.