Let the games begin. 

Former longtime State Representative Delwin Jones (R-Lubbock) is formally announced this week that he is seeking the nomination from the Texas House District 83’s County Chairmen Executive Committee, to serve in the Texas State House of Representatives. 

Jones lost his seat in a heated primary race four years ago to current State Rep. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock), who is expected to resign soon to seek the State Senate seat vacated with the resignation of Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock), who has accepted the position of Chancellor of Texas Tech University. 

With the upcoming resignation of Rep. Perry, the nomination process moves to the District 83 County Chairmen’s Executive Committee which includes the counties of Borden, Gaines, Lubbock, Lynn, Mitchell, Scurry and Terry counties. 

The committee is comprised of the Republican Party chairmen of each county and an additional appointee from each county, totalling 14 voting members. 

Jones told the Brownfield News on Tuesday that he hopes to address the committee soon to tell them about the advantages of putting him back in the House. 

“I believe that my years of Legislative service, my farming experiences and my business experience make me the best qualified person to represent District 83,” he said. “When coupled with my seniority in the House, District 83 and West Texas will once again have the conservative clout it desperately needs in Austin.” 

Jones would be the 3rd ranking member in seniority in the Texas House. 

“On my first day back in the House, I’ll be number three in seniority,” he said. “Somebody else they put in will be number 150.” 

With the seniority of Jones comes more muscle and power for protecting West Texas interests from the I-35 Corridor and South Texas, he said. 

“I will help protect and enhance West Texas. I will not to surrender West Texas to the special interest of the ultra rich - or the corrosive power lobbyists. Like you, I want our future to be one known for the opportunities for the dedicated and committed families and businesses of West Texas.” Jones said.

Jones went on to add, “There are plenty of people in Austin fighting for the big corporations. All my life I have fought for the hard working people of West Texas. I’ve been the voice for farmers, for educators, for small business and I have stood strong for West Texas families.”

The time frame of all these political moves depends first on when Duncan formally resigns. 

He has announced that he will take the chancellorship on July 7 so his resignation will happen before then. 

Perry has indicated publicly that he has interest in the senate seat.