If you drive around Seminole after the recent blessing of needed rain you will see weeds, weeds and more weeds growing in yards, lots and around businesses.  That being the case it is up to us, as homeowners, property owners and business owners to clear our properties of weeds, tall grass and other debris. 

The City of Seminole has an ordinance in affect which is called Property Maintenance Ordinance No. 210 which states that weeds and grass is to be cut upon premises and that rubbish and trash be removed therefrom: and fixing a penalty for failure to comply with such ordinance, and providing that same shall be done by the City in the event of such failure, and providing for the fixing of a lien upon property for the expense incurred in removing and declaring that allowing weeds to grow and trash and rubbish to accumulate to be a nuisance.

The following rules apply:

- Weeds and Other Unsightly Vegetation: If you own or claim a property you may not allow weeds, brush or other unsightly vegetation to grow taller than 12 inches.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the property mowed and cleaned. 

- Stagnant Water: No person(s) that owns a lot or property can allow holes or places where water may accumulate and become stagnant. It is up to the owners to make sure that all standing water is removed from the property.

- Accumulation of Trash, Carrion, Filth, Etc: Any person(s) that owns or occupies any house, building or establishment, lot or yard in the city must keep the property clean and free of trash, rubbish, carrion and filth.

- Obstruction of View of Traffic by Trees, Shrubs, Etc.: There may not be any trees, shrubs or plants blocking the view of approaching traffic.  If there is an issue the City of Seminole has the right to remove the obstruction.

- Abandoned Vehicles and Appliances, Etc.: A property owner may not use the premises in which he/she owns to store abandoned vehicles, appliances, building rubish or other similar items.  

Property and business owners need to keep in mind that if the above problems are allowed to remain on any property that you may own that the City of Seminole will send the owner a letter giving the opportunity to correct the problem within 10 days after receiving the notice.  If the notice is returned non-deliverable then the City will post a notice in the newspaper.

If a property owner refuses to comply with the notice within the allotted 10 days then said owner is guilty of a misdemeanor and will be issued a warrant to appear in municipal court and if convicted will be fined.

If a property owner does not remedy the situation after notice has been sent or published in the newspaper then the City has the right to enter the property and correct the problems necessary.  If the City is forced to remove the problem the property owner will be charged the cost of doing so. If the owner fails to pay the expense within 30 days after the first day of the month following the one in which the work was done then the City can and will file with the County Clerk a statement of the expense incurred.  This will levy a lien upon the property at an interest rate of ten percent for each day the city incurs the expense.  The City can initiate suit against the property owner for non-compliance and a foreclosure can be issued.

Let's keep the City of Seminole a nice, clean, safe place to live and raise our families.  Let's all do our part to see this happen.