Seminole resident, Jarrod Lee Crenshaw, 23, was taken into custody by local authorities July 24. This action was taken after Seminole Police Department received information concerning a counterfeiting operation. 

On July 22, the Seminole Police Department received information that counterfeit $100 and $50 dollar bills were being passed in some of the local businesses. 

Once this information was received, officers began an investigation by going around the area businesses and trying to locate where the counterfeit bills were being passed. Through the investigation the officers were able to develop a description of the suspects along with a possible vehicle description.

On July 24, the investigation led to a trailer in Space #39 of Toony’s RV Park. There, one of the suspects was arrested for drug charges and a search warrant was obtained in which equipment used to make the counterfeit money and counterfeit bills were located and seized as evidence. 

The Secret Service was contacted and will be adopting the case and Federal charges will be filed on the two identified suspects for the counterfeiting. The drug charges will be filed at the State level.

Since the female has no state charges, her name cannot be released until officially charged Federally.