“Paleontology II,” the summer outreach program at the Gaines County Museum, Seminole Division, began with 24 local students aged 6-16 excavating, assembling, and taking home completed velociraptor models.  The twice-daily sessions were held during the second week of June.

Additional sessions are planned for the second week of July and of August.  Twenty-four students in each of those weeks are scheduled to excavate and assemble brachiosaurus and pterosaur skeletons, respectively.

Although the sessions are filled, the museum maintains a waiting list of unregistered students who wish to participate and will be worked in as space allows.  Call 758-4016 if interested.

Friends of the Gaines County Museum, particularly patron members, are sponsoring the summer outreach.  Refreshments are served at the conclusion of each work session.

This is the second summer for the museum to sponsor a children’s outreach program.  Last summer students excavated, assembled, and took home a Tyrannosaurus Rex model.