Obviously Adam Bodine loves music.  He has been involved in it for a great part of his life.  When asked what kind of music he liked best he explained he had no favorite kind of music.  What he looks for in music is, "If it sounds good and has a good groove, and you can have a spiritual and emotional connection with it, I like it."

He also likes sandlot baseball in the summer.  He likes to travel, and one of his favorite things to do is to go on "baseball and music road trips," in which he travels to Professional and Minor League baseball games and then visits the musical events which are going on in the cities around where the games are played..  He doesn't care if it is Jazz, Rock or Classical music as long as it is good.  He says he has been to all but about ten of the major league baseball stadiums so far.

Adam Bodine was born and raised in Ada, Oklahoma, the son of Leroy and Annette (Barton) Bodine.  He has three younger sisters: Jonette, Sarah, and Gretchen.  

His dad was a baseball coach when he was young, but later got into construction work.  He taught construction at a local Vocational Tech school in Oklahoma, where students learn a vocation and technology to augment their academics.

Adam's mother is a Business Office Technology Teacher.

Adam started school in Ada, Oklahoma and continued there until he graduated in 1996.  After graduating from high school he enrolled at Eastern Central University in Ada.  He started as a full music major, involved with Marching Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Pep Band which he called a "Basketball Team Band."  He actually ran the Pep Band while in college.

Bodine changed his major several times before receiving his bachelor's degree in Business Finance.  You didn't have to be a music major to have a scholarship in music.  You only had to participate in the ensemble.

He said, "If there was music, I was involved in it.  I was involved in music more than most of the Music Majors."

After East Central University  he enrolled in The University of Central Oklahoma at Edmond, Oklahoma where he received his bachelor's degree and his master's degree in Music.

While he was at Edmond he played in the Wind Ensemble.  After graduating he played for the Royal Cruises Line for a few months.  He said this was an interesting experience.  He enjoyed the travel.  They were based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and traveled from there to Aruba,  visiting all the islands in between.  The food was great, the pay was pretty good but the living quarters were very cramped and you shared your room with someone who spoke very little English.

After this adventure, Bodine came back to Oklahoma and started applying for a band teaching job.  He interviewed in Oklahoma and Texas.  While in Dallas he interviewed with Ray Portillo, who was the band director in Seminole at the time.

Portillo offered him an opportunity to be an assistant here in 2007.  Bodine was impressed with Portillo's work in Seminole.  Over a five year period he had built the band up from about 35 members to about 120.  

In 2008, Portillo left to go to Glen Rose in the Fort Worth area and Jimmy Exline took over the Seminole Band.  Bodine continued as his assistant.  That fall, the band advanced to the State Championship for the first time in a while.

Exline was here for four years.  After he left the band fell on some hard times until Bodine took over.

Adam Bodine became the  Band Director in February of 2013.  He has been pleased with every senior class since he came to Seminole in 2007.  Last year's senior class was no exception.  He said, "Our last senior class was especially good, we will miss them this year.

He expects to have approximately 75 kids this year and he is excited to work with them.  We should have a good band again this year.  

He will start working with freshmen and new marchers Thursday, July 31.  The full band will come in on Monday August 4.

Bodine loves music, and he particularly loves attending music festivals.  A highlight for him came when he was privileged to attend the Ravine Festival in Highland Park, Illinois.  It is the oldest outdoor music festival in the United States.  There is a series of outdoor concerts and performances held every summer from June to September.  It has been the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra since 1936.

While he was there, the Chicago Symphony and Chorus performed Beethoven's 9th Symphony with the "Ode to Joy" at the end. Bodine said it was a fantastic experience for him.

Adam loves to travel, and while he was in college the Wind Ensemble he was in got the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.  This was a great thrill.

He was a teacher's assistant at the Interlochen Art Camp in northwest Michigan for two summers.  His official title was Practice Supervisor and  Teacher's Assistant.  He said, "I had a blast!"  This was when he realized he wanted to teach music.

He loves teaching music lessons and seeing his students excel.    Last spring the band performed in the State Wind Ensemble in Austin and brought home sweepstakes. 

In his love of travel, Bodine has made trips to Europe.  He has been to England, France and Italy, and would love to go back again. He would also like to travel up the New England Coast and enjoy all of the sights.  

He says the people in Seminole have been good to him since coming here.  He mentioned several who  particularly encouraged him.  He said I learned a lot from and really enjoyed working with Ray Portillo and Jimmie Exline.  He added, "I am very grateful for the mentorship of Eric Hindman, Seminole's Choir Director.  And, I am very thankful to have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Karen Whitfield and Nathanael Holmes.  

Adam attends the Methodist Church in Seminole, but he grew up in the First Baptist Church in Ada, Oklahoma where his membership remains.

During some hard times he went through after moving to Seminole his friends and church members stood by him and encouraged him greatly and he is thankful for them all.  

Adam said he wanted to thank the people of Seminole for their continued support for the band and the school.  He appreciates the good people who have made the school what it is.

While on a band trip to Big Lake last year, the band had a little time to kill and so they were driving around seeing the sights of Big Lake when they came upon a large bowling pin lying in the middle of the road.  One of his students, Mason Briscoe, said, "Stop the bus  and I'll go get  it."  He got out and ran back to where the bowling pin was, and just as he picked it up, a huge Rotweiler dog in a yard nearby began barking and charged toward Mason.  Needless to say, Mason returned to the bus in haste, not knowing the dog was on a chain and couldn't reach him.  

The Bowling Pin now sits on Bodine's desk as a memorial of the exciting event..