It is always exciting to discover someone you know has a talent you didn't know about.  We have just discovered Betty Castleberry, who has lived in Seminole for the past 21 years, is an author.

Betty was born in Laurenceville, Illinois, but grew up and attended school in Robinson, Illinois.  Her parents were Elmer and Freda Prout.  After graduating from high school at 17, the family moved to Carlsbad, New Mexico for her father's health.  Betty went to college at New Mexico State College, Carlsbad Branch and became a registered nurse.  

She worked as an RN at all three nursing homes and the hospital in Hobbs.  In 1993 she married Don Castleberry and moved to Seminole.  She and Don have two daughters between them and have five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, of which they are very proud.  Don is a semi-retired farmer.

Betty started working for Generations Home Care here in Seminole.  Later she worked for the special supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children, (WIC), which has an office in Seminole.  WIC is a part of Texas Department of Health Services which provides federal grants to States for supplemental foods for Women, Infants and Children with nutritional needs.

Betty said she started writing when she was a little girl.  Her dad worked at a bank but wrote poetry as well.  He had some of his poems published.  He also wrote some novels but never had any of them published.

She was a columnist for a Christian based magazine out of Irving, called, "A Time to Love," an online publication.  She co-authored an anthology with several other authors, a series of books called "Mixed Blessings."  She has had several online articles published by community newspapers.

She is now working on a Trilogy of her own.  She has two books finished and a third one in the workings.  She has it about half finished.  The series is called, "Faylene in High Plains."  The first book is entitled, "Faylene's Biggest Catch."  Faylene being the leading lady's name.

The second book is entitled, "Faylene Sees a Pig."  Betty hopes to have the third book, not yet titled, finished by the end of summer.

"These books are about a fictional West Texas town, but not Seminole."  She says.  She admits there may be "bits and pieces" of Seminole involved in it.  

Betty said, "While the books are written with a little bit of Christianity in them, there is no attempt at proselyting.  Of course there is no foul language or extreme violence or promiscuity in them.  Betty affirms. "They are family oriented and humorous, intended to be down to earth.  The main character, Faylene, is a baby-boomer in the first book, single and looking for love.  In the later books there is romance.  They are written about middle aged baby-boomers but aimed at an audience of any age group."

Don, says , "I don't know how she thinks up all the things she writes about."  

The first books are quite  inexpensive. The books are E-books on the internet.  You can go to, find the books and download them to a Kindle, or download the app to your computer or phone, according to Betty.